Todd Sandler has always been a visual storyteller. His interest in film began at an early age when he was
using two old VHS decks to cut with. From there, he immersed himself in all aspects of production and post.

Todd has worked with some of the top studios/production companies in the film industry including Dreamworks,
Disney, Lucasfilm, Warner Brothers, Paramount, Bad Robot and The Kennedy Marshall Company. His work
includes feature length narrative films, TV shows, documentaries, trailers, tributes and commercials. He cut a
theatrical trailer and several TV spots for Steven Spielberg's award winning film, War Horse, and edited the David O.
Selznick Achievement Award tribute which Mr. Spielberg received at the 2012 Producers Guild Awards show. Upon
accepting the award, Spielberg remarked "Everyone in this room should be working with Todd Sandler".

Todd worked alongside Jonathan Demme on the documentary, I'm Carolyn Parker, which premiered at the 2011
Venice Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival; he worked as an additional editor on Warner
Brothers' summer blockbuster, The Legend of Tarzan, which was released in 2016; and most recently, films
include, The Parting Glass, directed by Stephen Moyer (True Blood) and starring Denis O’Hare (American
Horror Story), Academy Award Winner Melissa Leo (The Fighter), Academy Award Winner Anna Paquin
(The Piano), Cynthia Nixon (Sex & The City), Rhys Ifans (Notting Hill) and Ed Asner; Pimp which was
written/directed by Christine Crokos and Executive Produced by Lee Daniels. It premiered at TriBeca 2018.

Todd is also an experienced musician, sound designer and music editor. His enthusiasm for great storytelling
is matched only by his dedication to the craft of cutting, his world-class technical expertise and his undisputed
love of film.


"His sensitivity and inherent musicality make him a pleasure to create with, and his ability to make sense of my
notes sets him apart from most people I have met! I cannot wait to work with him again, I look forward to a long
collaboration throughout my career."
- Stephen Moyer, Director (The Parting Glass)

"I really feel like you helped Steve's vision become actualized in a really powerful way. You are really fucking good!"
- Anna Paquin, Producer/Actor (The Parting Glass)

"I first worked with Todd some years ago when he edited a fantastic promo-reel for Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit,
a promo that sold the Studio on shooting mainly in England. I managed to work with Todd again, as an additional
editor on The Legend of Tarzan and he once again did a great job. I would heartily recommend him for any project,
big or small. I think that he is extremely talented! "
- David Barron, Producer (The Legend of Tarzan)

“He has the uncanny ability to help weed away what isn’t absolutely essential and pierce the core of a scene
in ways that are not predictable. And he’s a hell of a lot of fun to work with.”
- Robert Celestino, Director, (Leave)


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